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Purifying Mask

  • $39.00

Thanks to the combination of Kaolin and Zinc, that are known for their sebum regulating properties, the Purifying Mask will leave your skin feeling fresh and purified*. This Purifying Mask has the particularity of being gentle on the skin by not drying completely and it is 100% natural. 100% find that this product has left their skin purified 100% feel like they have a clean and fresh skin after using this product 95% find that this product has cleansed their skin 100% find that their pores were unclogged after using this product *dermatologically tested on 20 volunteers over a period of 21 days How to use : Apply a thin layer of BAIOBAY's Purifying Mask on your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for up to 15 minutes before rinsing with water to remove the mask. Certified Natural & Organic according to COSMOS Standard Vegan & Cruelty Free certified by One Voice Made in France avec tout notre amour One product purchased = One tree planted
Made in France


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